Power of Presence

Dear friends,

How does it feel to know that you are having an impact when you walk into a room before you even say anything? Your presence speaks a thousand words and the good news is that we can consciously choose how we want to be and which energy we want to infuse the room with.

Your presence is the way you are in the world – and how you show up, act, and interact with others is what determines the quality and strength of your relationships. 

In our short, free Five Dimensions to Presence webinar taking place next Wednesday 12th January from 12.00 – 12.45 CET we will discuss:

1) How to own what you stand for 

2) How to show up powerfully 

3) How to connect with others in meaningful ways

4) How to communicate in an influential and inspiring way

5) How to increase presence by being resourceful, creative, and responsive

Sign up here and feel free to share this event with people who it might speak to in your network:

And in the meantime, a little poetry…


Will you let yourself go there?

Give yourself full permission?

Will you let what’s there show there? 

Reveal what you are wishing?

Will you allow the deepening?

Will you allow your growth?

The price you pay to keep it in 

Is what hurts you the most 

We’re not here to tread water 

To save face or exist 

Your truth you may have fought her 

We must be with what is 

More power than you know there

Surrender’s not submission 

Will you let yourself go there?

Give yourself full permission?

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