Simple Pleasures

It was such a treat to walk along the river to town together yesterday. The day was bright and beautiful and couldn’t help but lift the spirits. Getting out into the fresh air for a stroll and then indulging in a cheeky toffee nut latte and cookies and cream brownie in Starbucks was the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Sun Ambling

To walk when winter’s sun is bright makes hearts feel warm and well

A bigger vision is in sight, towards it we’re propelled

A golden sheen of joyful tone is glazed across our souls

In you I find my sense of home, the feeling safe and whole

The shorter days too have their peaks, just have to go and seize them

I’m grateful that we’ve stayed together through all kinds of seasons

We’re opposites, but you’re my knight, so grateful for your trust

To walk when winter’s sun is bright does good for both of us


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