Time Peace

Going slower has been the theme of recent weeks due to my back injury which is fortunately beginning to improve. These days though have given me a real opportunity to be differently with myself though and have called me to relate to time in a very different way and reflected in today’s poem.

Hearing Time

You do not need to squeeze me,

dear one.

For more will not ooze out of me through your forcing


contrary to popular belief

Sometimes it is o.k just to let me tick

Tick tock

Tick tock

Tick tock

Yes I know, I know, is almost painful to hear me!

What if I run out?

What if you didn’t make the most of me?

What if I leave you?

Let me assure you, once and for all;

There is really no running needed.

Please, I urge you, do not let your precious little ego be drawn into that wild fomo goose-chase of a thought loop

For it leads you

absolutely bloody nowhere

Tick tock




The more you listen into that fecund space between the strokes

The more you live.

Don’t you see?

I will say this again, just in case it didn’t sink in the first time;

Sometimes it is o.k just to let me tick

For within this space

you breathe

you expand

you calibrate

Each time you simply allow me to be

you are honouring

a far greater process

and your reverence shall be returned

Today may you be,

even for a short while

quite blissfully unproductive

For when your heart is attuned

to the knowingness of me

Then the echoes of the universe

shall affirm you

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