Four Seasons in one Day 🎵 🍂 ❄️

It was impressive to see how the seasons evolved before me during my walk yesterday. The first ten minutes still felt very autumnal yet after a thirty minute ascent I found myself in quite the winter wonderland. We are constantly in evolution, just like the seasons it would seem.

Monday Mojo

The fringe of the forest is dusted and white and the sun like a church bell is ringing

A promising feeling of vital delight to my soft lazy system is singing

When I’m laid back then my heart can attract all the jewels for which it’s most longing

More is what comes when we cut ourselves slack, that’s the knack of our inner belonging

Master and wield says the golden brown field as we laugh at the path that’s progressing

So much through feeling and being is healed, over-doing a form of digressing

Laziness pays when the moment is right and we’re here to be fully alive

The fringe of the forest is dusted and white and outside is for sure where I thrive


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