Fabulous Friends

I feel so lucky to have incredible friends in my life. Over the years some friendships have grown and evolved, some have come to their natural close but mostly friendship has been a very instinctive process. Whilst walking in the hills one night and reflecting on some of my most treasured relationships, I decided to dedicate a poem to the noun itself!


I have always taken you seriously 

and yet held you lightly

For me, you are neither a fair-weathered passing dalliance nor a weighty burden upon my back 

Over the years I have created you and watered you 

I have cherished you and lost you

I have needed you and offered you 

I have leaned in to you and provided you 

from the bottom of my heart 

We have sobbed together

And laughed like a bunch of drunken hyenas.

I am so deeply grateful for the ease in which you have come towards me just when I needed you the most 

Indeed I feel blessed to have such an easeful connection with you. (Well, most of the time…)

You are an angel and an anchor 

A deft-footed supporter of my best self 

and a natural soul-spring which regenerates each time that it is exuded. 

I let go of you and you always come back to me

This very evening I see you glittering forth from the sea of house lights gathered in the hills 

and I feel wonder

and gratitude

and giddy excitement

For you remind me of the reciprocity of Light.


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