Growing into Slowing

It was so wonderful to make it to the forest yesterday for a walk. My back is still painful and I’m slow but getting there. I am also really beginning to see the gift in the slowing down that this pain has invited me towards. As I sat on a bench and reflected I realised all over again how nature is constantly pulling us towards our healing and renewal.


A fragile frost collects upon the leaves beneath my feet

Sometimes the seasons move along and we must hear their beat

As I look out, there is no doubt, I’m pulled towards my resting

This is what my back pain’s about, somatic manifesting

Although the coldness now surrounds, I feel my centre glowing

To breathe fresh air restores and grounds, stay curious, life’s showing

All is not lost, we have to breathe, with love our struggles greet

Assures the frost upon the leaves that skim my thoughtful feet

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