Sweet Nothings

This weekend I did absolutely nothing. Yes nothing. You know, that thing that you say that you want to do or that you advise your loved ones to do and yet you never really seem to completely accomplish. Well at least in my world anyway.

I wish I could say that it was born out of a deeply conscious choice to slow down and just be, but the real truth is that I did my back in and was simply unable to do anything other than nothing!

Interestingly, in this unusually empty 48 hours of my life I received so much! Interesting suggestions, kind acknowledgments, cooked breakfasts, a spontaneous reflexology massage from a much loved friend and much more if I stop and think about it. Turns out this doing diddly squat thing is not so bad after all. But I can’t wait to get my runners on…

Body Matters

I just cannot put into words how grateful that I feel

You help me process the absurd, you help my mind to heal

You show me fun, you help me run, you help my soul keep moving

Without your strength the silence stuns, it’s really not amusing

The last few days I’ve been amazed by just how much I need you

Bring back your free and easy ways and all requests I’ll heed you

Our here amongst the trees and birds is what is pure and real

So grateful that you brought me back, I pray now that you’ll heal

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