No Comparison

How things look from the outside is often very different from how they are in reality. True contentment, in my experience is often found in the most simple of moments and cannot be measured by external accolades. When we stop comparing ourselves to others we realise just how much we actually have in our own lives in the here and now.


I’ve never really been impressed

by outward notions of success

Behind the way things look and seem

Can live deep sighs of un-lived dreams

I’ve never really kept the score

The secrets rife behind closed doors

What smacks of too-good-to-be-true

Not much to my insides can do

For I prefer the raw and real

The folk that show the things they feel

The human signs, the red hot mess

We have to get things of our chest

Comparison just makes us stressed

I’m so not fooled by false success

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