Ever Changing

I wrote today’s poem after a deep, healing moment on retreat. Lots of emotions were released and I began to feel that sense of rearranging and making more room for the light to come in. As I processed my experience I looked up at the sky and saw the cloud formations, reminding me of the constant subtle changes that we go through.

Sky Fall

The clouds form different shapes each day 

As does our soul’s condition 

The winds of change are here to stay 

We’re always in transition 

When I let through what feels most true 

what’s new gets room to blossom 

Sometimes our rage is overdue 

Self-judgments may we toss them 

The autumn leaves have many shades 

Their colours always turning 

We’re joyful, hopeful and afraid 

Acceptance takes some learning 

We feel, we stall, we fail, we fall 

upon the ground, no reason 

Regenerating with the pull 

of each new dawning season 

The clouds, the leaves, the air we breathe

all have their own sweet rhythm 

I’m not my rage, I’m not my grief 

Though kindness I will give them 

Yes we are fifty shades of grey

and more with full permission

May we form different shapes each day

Here’s to our soul’s fruition


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