Tenacious and Vivacious

It was such an honour to have my dear friend and master coach Tina de Meeûs on our podcast this week speaking to Tenacity. Within this moving episode, Tina speaks to how her resilience has helped her to follow her heart and break family patterns. She also shares how the love, support and championing she has received from her guardian angels have helped her to create and walk new paths and to write her own story, no matter how uncomfortable it was at times.

Tune in here:

and here’s a poem I wrote on the topic a few years ago…


It’s funny when you think of it

What makes a person possess grit?

It’s not always the bolshy kind

The fence sitters, the rational minds

At times it is the opposite

That best equips the soul for grit

It’s those who’ve known the deepest pits

With their own pain they’ve had to sit

That gives us folk although fragmented

A bounce back factor when we’re dented

Please cast us not with your derision

We’ve been knocked down and up we’ve risen

The tears we’ve cried, the traumas lived

Equip us with the will to give

A will to fight, a flame relit

Are what gives folk like us our grit!

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