Vibrant Sparks

Good afternoon dear blog readers,

Fellow Leadership Coach, Migena Gjerazi and I are offering a short free webinar created to help women tap into their vibrant, authentic expression this Thursday 14th October from 13.00 – 14.00 CEST.

Looking forward to seeing you there and please do share with any females in your network who it might speak to.

Sign up here:

and a poem, of course!

Work of Heart

When we decide to focus on what we want to create

Our energy’s what we become, aligned with our own stake

When we’re upturned, our prime concern

⁃ return to what propelled us

We live we learn, we fail, we turn the page, for love compels us

The essence heart of what we start, is born in the brainstorming

Belief in it a crucial part, for faith affects its forming

Immerse yourself and have some fun, it’s joy a project makes

Our energy’s what we become, align with your own stake!


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