More than Enough

Self-acceptance is at the heart of all personal growth. When we begin to love and include all parts of us healing takes place and expansion is possible. Sometimes we are challenged by other people’s perceptions of us and we have a choice. We do not have to let them throw us off course. We are enough as we are. More than enough.

More than Enough

I’m good enough the way I am

Don’t need to fit with others plans

They don’t know what for me is best

I’m not the others, not the rest

I’m good enough, I’m quite o.k

I’m not the words that people say

I’m not opinions or projections

I hold myself in deep affection

I’m good enough, no playing small

I live, I learn, I rise, I fall,

I get back up and come back wiser

I’m not the critics or advisers

Don’t need pretences, don’t need glam

I’m good enough the way I am


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