Exhalation Rejuvenation

As a creative being, there are ideas running around my head day and night! Most of the time I capture them somehow, usually in poetic form. Now and again though, it is good to take a breather from producing from creativity and to allow myself to simply feel and receive.

Blissful Pause

We must not always generate

achieve, attain, go get, create

When doing less the gain is more

declare those parts that I ignore

The space to slow down and to chill

Although against my Aries will

Provides the chance to ponder longer

and I resurface new and stronger

Each time my mind can be reflective

It offers up a new perspective

I notice light and shadows cast

Absorb what I had once skimmed past

At last a pass to pause and wait

The Being in me is innate

I must not always generate

collate, update, deliberate

achieve, attain, go get, create

There’s room for more receptive states

Accept, Allow, Luxuriate


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