Just like the autumn leaves, we have so many colours, textures and sounds inside of us and yet we tend to play within a fairly limited expression of our season. 

When we allow ourselves to begin to access the wide range of energy and emotions that live within us we begin to feel happier, freer and more fulfilled. The people around us get to see different parts of us and we become intriguing and engaging.

Image Conscious

You are an artist of your world

Which picture are you crafting?

Which colours do you let unfurl?

Which message are you casting?

At every stage, what’s on our page

by our own self is filtered

Do you paint opulence uncaged?

Or flowers that are wilted?

Do you kind words or insults hurl

Enhancing or just tainting?

You are an artist of your world?

How is your inner painting?

In our Vibrant Females – Conscious Leadership Programme, fellow Leadership Coach Migena Gjerazi and I invite you to explore the whole spectrum of your self-expression with #fullpermission. We do this in a playful and creative way and you begin to unfold and transform as a result.

Find out more about becoming a vibrant, conscious female leader in our free webinar on Thursday 30th September from 17.00 – 18.00 CEST. Sign up here and please feel free to share with any women in your network who this might speak to:

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Photo: https://unsplash.com/@jeremythomasphoto

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