Meaningful Dreaming

I am often struck by the words evoked in dreams. As a words person they often remain long after the content of the dream has become a blurry recollection. A few nights ago I had a dream after which the words resonated throughout the day and so, of course, it was time to write!

The Reader 

Last night I had a scrambled and yet vivid dream which 

enticed me into staying enveloped in my clammy sheets for

an hour beyond my normal rising. 

As is often the case with dreams, many of the intricate details already escape me apart from the part in which I was told by a cameo role, that I am: “The Reader”.

And this intrigues me. 

For the majority of my life I have been fascinated by the energy and mannerisms of people, digesting them from cover to cover with insatiable curiosity. 

What particularly fascinates me is the truth behind the title, the subtext beyond the words, the subtly complex storyline of the human heart. 

Whilst my traditional reading habits are sporadic at best, I am indeed a Reader. 

I see below the surface, I hear beneath the words and I spend my waking hours reading between the lines. I know that what I feel when I’m with someone often tells more about how they really are than the predictable social interplay which might form our interaction. It is indeed the sensory narrative which intrigues me most of all. 

So I guess that makes me an avid Reader, the truth be told. 

These dreams of ours are more revealing than we care to think!

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