Seizing the Moment

If there is one thing that the last two years have taught me it is: appreciate what you have. Immense joy can be found in the appreciation of the gifts of the here and now and today’s poem is all about seizing the moment. What are you most grateful for today?


I used to go to far flung lands

so as my truth to find

Each trip would make my heart expand

and stimulate my mind

I used to seek myself elsewhere

Half-hoping with each flight

that I’d discover something rare

and bottle what excites

Into the future I’d project

imagined buzz and thrill

What I made up had the effect

of seeming it was real

and I’m so glad, it’s not half bad

to go on all these journeys

Yet there is so much to be had

in what’s right here, I’m learning

We are not all our future plans

though they are entertaining

Don’t let the time slip through your hands

Not all about obtaining

Upon my heart, I place my hand

I know the peaks I’ve climbed

have all led me to understand

Right where I am, I find


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