La Vie est Belle 😍

I was lucky enough to complete 3 gap years in France and Germany before starting my career. The first one was in Poitiers and formed part of my university degree and what a year that was! So much growing up and becoming and thank goodness for the wonderful friends that I met along the way!


So effortless to while away

our time in Café de la Paix

Sat facing out onto the street

We’d talk and dream upon worn seats

I smoked too much, I spoke too fast

Enjoyed the distance from my past

Begoña, Chema, Aurélie

You helped me to think more of me

Un café crème, une menthe à l’eau

Au Georges Sand – they’ll never know!

I came of age, so not straight-laced

Each drop of life in France I’d taste

I broke some hearts, I bruised mine too

Learned romance through the latin view

The memories all come back out to play

Revisiting Café de la Paix


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