Role Call

The ORSC Georgraphy relationship system’s coaching event that I attended this weekend was full of fun and learning. One of the most powerful aspects of the course was witnessing how the leaders modelled Right Relationship throughout. I learned a lot about the many roles present in relationships and, of course, penned a poem on the subject!


Even in the Lands most whole

Resides a host of different roles

The ones we wear on the outside

The ones internal, those that hide

We sometimes slip, without our knowing

into the same ones, nausea growing

until we recognise the need

to switch them up so we are freed

And then there are of course the ghosts

that when they surface haunt the most

and lurking deep in the background

Time spirits also hang around

The Boss, The Cook, The Motivator

The Wild Woman, The Mediator

The Wounded One, The I-don’t-Care

So many reasons that they’re there

Stay curious as they reveal

Good insights into how we feel

Observing them with love, our goal

For we are humans and not roles

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