Silent Appreciation

All the slowing down in the mountains allowed me to really centre and hear myself. Sometimes we can be afraid of our own silence and yet here is where we really connect with who we are and what we really want. It can be uncomfortable at first to go within but with time it carries us forward and reveals our soul path.

Unspoken Friendship

Trust the silence even when it’s stony and aloof

Trust the silence carries you into your greater Truth

Trust that when you go inside, although it can be scary

You’ll find a friend that’s by your side, there’s no need to be in wary

Trust the pages as they turn, they’re all part of you story

Each chapter brings new things to learn though, aliveness can be curvy

Trust that there’s a knowingness though you don’t have a clue

Trust the silence even when it’s screaming back at you

Trust that in surrendering, you’ll know what’s next on cue

Trust the silence, it will bring you home to the real you

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