Mountain Insights

We have just returned from six magical days in the mountains near Davos on a Meditation and Astronomy retreat and I am still in the zone and deeply grateful for this experience.

It was so special to go on a retreat with Andy (the Astronomy was what won him over!) and so wonderful to meet some new friends whilst Expanding into Space!

Much poetry was written and what an incredible opportunity this was to switch off the Wifi, slow down and marvel at the beauty of nature and the stars.

As some of you know I am now a contributor on the Insight Timer app and share my poetry there. Please do follow me and let me know your thoughts about my poems. Your feedback means a lot.

Mountain Mantra

Look on life with loving eyes

The less we think we know, we’re wise

A gift of grace, a cosmic dance

Awareness is how we advance

Inhale the light, inflate your lungs

Let go of all that has gone wrong

There’s constant flux, you cannot catch

the time, so float on unattached

Rejoice the truth, revere the sun

Be playful, joyful and have fun!

Imperfect, beautiful, t’s try

To look on life with loving eyes


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