Jura Joy

Andy and I do love a good hearty hike in the Swiss countryside and we always communicate well whilst out in nature. A few weekends ago we did a lovely walk in the Jura area and I penned a poem on the car on the way back home as is the tradition!

Pure Jura

We strolled into the rolling hills and through the gentle forest

The atmosphere, content and still, my heart relaxed and porous

The dragon flies and butterflies cavorted as we wandered

It really was just you and I, idyllic, we both pondered

A tranquil view to catch the crew of sheep who were a grazing

beside the river, as they chewed our energy was raising

The Jura always helps us chill, unspoilt and fewer tourists

We strolled into the rolling hills and through the gentle forest

7 thoughts on “Jura Joy

  1. I can only agree. Living in a village near the foot of the Weissenstein in Kanton Solothurn, many are the days we have wandered with the family in the Jura. Unfortunately no longer possible due to mobility problams, but the gondola bahn is not far away if we again want to reach the heights.

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