Magic in the Mess

Whilst musing on the theme of love during a recent working session with fellow coaches, I felt inspired to write. Love can take so many forms and messy ones much of the time. I believe that it’s magic is in the mess and so today’s poem is all about that!

Messy Love

Love is messy, get stuck in

Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win

Can be electric, can be slow

Into a spin your heart it throws

Love is messy, love is rough

It’s tender, gentle, fierce and tough

Seduces you and beckons sweetly

Love can change your life completely

Love can burn and love can heal

It makes you moan, it makes you squeal

and all the colours come alive

Love lights you up, love helps you thrive

Love is precious, love’s intense

Confusing yet makes perfect sense

It’s clumsy and it’s full of grace

It’s painted over your whole face

More powerful than we can know

Not always tied up with a bow

You long for it when it has gone

Love is messy, bring it on

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