Creative Bait

Sometimes before I go to bed I get the urge to write. The tired part of me just wants to rest but the creative part urges me to capture the words first! Our creativity is hungry to be expressed. It knows that we are all channels and that our unique message is vital to the world. What are you longing to create?

Creative Spirits

We’re born to be creative

Not just the chosen few

Upon a daily basis

I write something that’s new

It makes me feel productive

It makes me feel complete

The joyfulness, seductive

Let’s march to our own beat

We’re born to be inventive

We’re born to play and dream

Expression; my incentive

Out loud may your voice scream

The shy, the contemplative

The bold, the calm – yes YOU!

We’re born to be creative

Not just the chosen few

8 thoughts on “Creative Bait

  1. I, too, am a words enthusiast
    new meaning in flight,
    Uncontainable expression
    Flying across the keyboard.

    Driven, nary a protagonist
    a joyful wordsmith,
    Thoughtful transfer of expression
    The beautiful freedom, a reward.

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