Return of the Tiger

Our baby tiger-dolphin has just rocked up after a week of unexplained absence. He wolfed his cat food down without a care in the world and looks exactly the same as he did a week ago! I am still in shock and so grateful to have our bundle of joy back. We even talked to an animal communication, a lovely lady called Lynne Schuster, and she was sure he’d be back soon and she was right. Here’s a poem I wrote about Zigs yesterday…

For the love of our Tiger

I’m keeping my vibration high

I’m sourcing good, I’m hoping

It’s the best way of getting by

His home time, I’m invoking

The positive is where it’s at

That’s what my dear Dad taught me

He’s such a funny, joyful cat

I’m touched his spirit sought me

When he come back to us, oh my

The glee will be uncharted

I’m keeping my vibration high

Full trust and open-hearted

12 thoughts on “Return of the Tiger

  1. Am so glad. I have been following the story. Our Selkirk Rex cat once disappeared for a week. He has now long gone to his 10th life, but after his disappearance he returned. We think he had been mistakenly locked in somewhere, but have no idea. When he arrived home he fed for almost an hour and then had a few hours sleep. We will never know where he was.

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  2. So pleased to hear your cat came back! When we ran a small hotel in Bournemouth, we had a gorgeous cat called ‘Basil’ (?) Even dog-lovers took to Basil. He had great charm…so what he slept on their beds when he had half the chance…Sadly, he was killed by a motor-bike before he could use up half of his lives.. I cried a river….Enjoy!..

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