Come home Zig Zigs

Our baby tiger-dolphin went missing last Thursday and we are beside ourselves. Having exhausted most of the things we can ‘do’ to try and help this situation, we are now having to ‘be’ with it. My intention today is “Keep the Faith”. Please do send us sourcing Ziggy vibes. He is such a joyful, playful, adorable little tiger!

Roaming Tiger

Who knows when you’ll return back home?

Three days outside now you have roamed

Each time I pass the garden bush

I half expect to hear the whoosh

of parting leaves, then out you’d pop

Oh when will all this worry stop?

For you’re the apple of our eye

Dear Tiger Stripes it makes me cry

To think you’re hungry, lost or scared

Or thirsty, trapped, alone out there

I long to stroke your toffee coat

You know how much on you I dote

So I’ll stay hopeful for the grace

To see your joyful tiger face

and here your chirpy, loving tones

Who knows when you’ll return back home?

5 thoughts on “Come home Zig Zigs

  1. oh, i hope he finds his way home soon. in my life, cats have returned just when i’ve almost come to terms with the possibility of their never returning. i hope this happens for you if not suoner

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