Lovey Dovey

One of the biggest takeaways from my Leadership journey was to let myself be, feel and receive love. The rest is just detail. When we are coming from love and we put our full trust in it then all kinds of magical synchronicity begins to appear in our lives. To love fully is a courageous, sacred act.

Letting Love

Believe that love can conquer all

Trust that it’s there whatever

However hard that you may fall

Our oneness stays forever

Believe that love can cure all ills

that nothing separates us

Though it may have its own free will

Love grows us and inflates us

Believe that love is on our side

It’s who we are, we breathe it

An endless source we have inside

and how our planet needs it

Allow it in, break down the walls

We’re stronger when together

Believe that love can conquer all

Trust that it’s there whatever

2 thoughts on “Lovey Dovey

  1. July 8, 2021 LOVEY DOVEY: Oh Sam, this is so good and I am going to share it with the Share Only Love group who meat every two week online. I think it might also go down well in the PiMov group. Thank you for your amazing creativity and love. Patricia xx

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