Who knows?

During the ORSC (Organisation and Relationships Systems Coaching) Intelligence course that I attended this weekend, many gems of wisdom came forth. One of the leaders mentioned the phrase “Who knows what is good and what is bad?”from a Taoist parable and although I’ve heard this quote before, it began to really resonate again. When we allow our whole human experience to be included without judgment, so much can open up for us.


Life touches me, life leaves its mark

Within me Light and Love and Dark

The heavens break, the storms come in

I feel each tiny, single thing

Whilst there is struggle, fear and fight

There’s so much joy and pure delight

When we don’t make the contrasts wrong

We start to grow and come along

Each moment lived helps me discover

We are not one thing or the other

We’re fire, water, earth and air

We’re none of these yet everywhere

Yes people change from how we knew them

For shift is part of being human

The differences though sometimes stark

All aspects of a special arc

Aliveness leaves dynamic marks

Allow your Light, embrace your Dark

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