Humble Tumble

Much to my partner Android’s dismay, I took a second tumble whilst jogging yesterday. Apart from a bruised shoulder and sore knees I am fine. I do believe this was a little sign from the universe though and so pondered upon this moment poetically as I ventured back from my perilous pavement pounding session!

Falling Again

I stumbled on my morning path

The second time of late

The universe exhaled and laughed

For this was no chance fate!

These days it seems I’m meant to glean

some healing from past traumas

Though landing on old wounds feels mean

To feel our pain transforms us

I tore my leggings and felt daft

But now that I take stock

I see the fall upon this path

Much learning has unlocked!

11 thoughts on “Humble Tumble

  1. Oh no, she’s had another fall . . . We could be floored by this and especially as we grow in years but that is only some peoples views. There was truly a message in this for you as it happened again. I receive the message of all things in moderation, however, this does not mean being on a certain vibration and not moving from it. But, it does mean if we push ourselves in one direction we do need to balance ourselves in the other direction. Feeling a long soak in a warm salt bath with candles and gentle music. Enjoy 🙂 Patricia xx

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