Now Wow

Our minds can get caught up in fortune telling and preparing for an imaginary future as trouble shooting is what they do! When we step back from the anxious preparation mode that we are often in and consciously choose to be present, a lot can shift. The Here and Now really is the only place to be and opening our senses can be a great help when it comes to our presencing. How present are you this morning?


Surrendering to present bliss

Is always so rewarding

For all we have is Now and This

There is no joy in hoarding

Yielding to the joyous tones

Creating space to ponder

So many times to me has shown

space makes the heart grow fonder

There’s nothing that we’re going to miss

If Here has our attention

Surrendering to present bliss

All in, is my intention

2 thoughts on “Now Wow

  1. Beautiful and profound words to go by! Thinking of the future often leads us to overestimate the probability of a bad outcome, and hence makes us anxious. Being in the present moment, and living it to the fullest is indeed essential!

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