In Memory of Dolly

On Wednesday evening we very sadly had to have our bunny Dolly put to sleep after a short and sudden illness. Our Dolly (on the right) was a beautiful, lively, funny, lovely little bunny who spent most of her time with us in the lounge since we lost her mate Spoony back in March.

The lounge feels so empty without her and she really was a one off spirit. Love you Dolly and thank you for bringing joy, delight and affection into our days.

Dolly Mixture Departs

All lively-eyed and full of cheek

You charmed us from day one

Quirky, loving, far from weak

With such a sense of fun

A loyal mate to Spoonytunes

In March, you munched alone

But soon proclaimed our living room

to be your very own

Our feline friends could not defend

their patch, for you were fearless

In you I found a bunny friend

of newfound warmth and nearness

Those floppy ears, those noises dear

Your toffee neck so cheery

To know that they won’t reappear

leaves us both sad and teary

You’ll be remembered for your feist

and for your strength and folly

Though illness would cut short your life

No one can beat our Dolly

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