Creating and Liberating

Happy Saturday!

Just a heads up that I am running another online creativity workshop:
Creating and Liberating

(It had to rhyme of course!)

Wanted you to be the first to know 😃

This one is all about opening the senses, connecting to source energy and liberating your creative magic! So not just about writing but really about accessing and playing with the energy of creation. (Am excited just writing this!)

It is on Sunday 15th August from 15.30 – 18.30 CEST.

Tickets are 75 Euros and I am offering my poetry blog followers a 10 percent loyalty discount redeemable up until June 7th 2021.

Here’s the sign up and further details and please feel free to share with your network.

Would so love to see you there 🌈 💗 🤸

Do spread the word and here’s a little poem for good measure…

Daily Gifts

No two days are quite the same

Each time we rise; a blessing

The signs received can change our game

Trust in, no need for stressing

Each moment lived is here to give

a pointer to evolving

Consciousness is when we give our hearts to love’s revolving

Our joy comes not from wealth or fame

Not from the way we‘re dressing

No two days are quite the same

Each time we rise; a blessing

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