Alpine Rejuvenation

It was so good for the soul to go offline for 5 days last week and to spend time in the mountains and doing day trips. Already on day 1 I could feel my thoughts and minds winding down and my system getting a proper chance to regenerate. Whilst waiting for the funicular at the stunning Harder Kulm, I penned the following poem. Here’s to time off to regenerate!

Mountain Melting

I’m softening into the pause

All creamy Mrs Whippy

Inhaling scents of the outdoors

My mind space slow and trippy

To have the time to take life in

Feels like a precious jewel

We’re here and now I can begin

to open to renewal

No calls or plans or justs… or ands…

My heart is free to notice

Sat waiting for the Harder-Bahn

I am a resting lotus

Far from the countless tasks and chores

The afternoon sun smooths me

I’m softening into the pause

May May’s elan amuse me

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