So, what do you do?

When I am asked about my profession and I tell people that I’m a Creative Leadership Coach, they often look at me blankly, smile awkwardly or have no idea what this actually means! Understandable really, as coaching is a relatively new profession and only really understood when directly experienced.

Some people confuse coaching with counselling, consulting or mentoring and imagine that my role is to fix problems, mend people or give life advice! Others deduce that I am some kind of personal trainer or sports coach.

So who am I?

I’m somebody who knows how to ask your soul the gentle probing questions that lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

I am an intuitive presence who allows you to access your inner world in a way that transforms and empowers.

I am your spirit guide, encouraging you towards your growth and full expression.

Together we co-create a relationship of great Trust that propels you to make positive, sometimes daring, and life enhancing changes. We create accountability at the end of each session.

I encourage you to dream, to vision, to imagine and to create the reality that you truly desire throughout this process.

I help you to unlock your imagination and to access your emotional intelligence and intuition

I am by your side, on your side and believe in your full potential in a way that might feel new and incredibly bolstering.

I am your cheerleader and I call you forth and help you to see, feel and be your fully magnificent self.

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with me as a coach in a 60’ online no-obligations free of charge chemistry session, book time with me here:

In the meantime, a little poetry…

What’s here Now

The space in which we’re truly seen

Is often pure salvation

A place to lower the smoke screen

Inviting transformation

When I’m received, I feel and breathe

Into my present being

There are no tricks left up my sleeve

When in my soul you’re seeing

It’s such a gift, the being with

The witnessing unchains us

We coach for more lives to be lived

To free what once restrained us

It matters not where we have been

The past life limitations

The space in which we’re truly seen

Is often our salvation

5 thoughts on “So, what do you do?

  1. Ah – the ‘awkward smile!’ I get similar responses when people learn that I work as a spiritual director. Sounds as if there are a good few overlaps between the two!

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