It is almost always out in nature that I get sudden intuitive feelings about what to write. A couple of days ago, whilst gazing at the river after an incredible Tantra massage, I felt so open and receptive and the following lines were literally urging me to write them!


What will it take for you to finally get into your numb little skull that – 

You’re already THERE?

Yes right there – the exact spot in which you are currently standing

is THE place 

for which you were intended.

But I’m not yet rich?

Or famous?

Or skinny?

Or successful?

I hear you say. 

I haven’t bought a house

got married

had children

owned a cockatiel 

bought a camper van 

or eloped to Outer Mongolia…

I am not as clever/funny/artistic/inspiring/confident as….(insert a friend’s name here)

For Goodness sake!

Maybe you will be one day. And maybe you won’t ever be. 

And your hypotheses and comparisons are all beside the point quite frankly.

For the point is that RIGHT NOW

is your destiny

The precise instant in which you gaze your forgivably cynical eyes upon this text 


Do you feel the Spring breeze skipping across your sacred cheeks?

Do you hear the birds wolf-whistling at your beautifully imperfect human soul?

Can you feel the invigorating whoosh of your Heart’s Falls as you surge beyond the most ruthless of rocks?

The charging forth of your undeniable, vulnerable magnificence?

You are loved, do you know that?

Loved, needed, held, desired and cherished much more than you may ever even realise. 

Unless, of course, you choose to pause for a millisecond and catch your glory 

in the cool mirroring of the

river’s revelation 

one miraculously sunny afternoon 

and let yourself 




Yes! There you are.

9 thoughts on “Instantaneous

      1. I could reasonate with the whole…”but I am not this, or that, or I don’t have this or that or there yet” and the whole message of the now being what is important.

        Liked by 1 person

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