Butterfly High

I have come to see butterflies as messages from spirit and in particular those which land before my very eyes and seem to stay so that I notice them! This Sunday whilst clearing my head on a local walk, a striking orange tipped butterfly came to greet me. It arrived at just the right time and reminded me to stay open to life force.


You couldn’t help but catch my eye 

all-orange tipped and splendid 

A burst of life-force, my oh my, the universe had sent it!

You sat and posed and I supposed your message was to open 

For consciousness is never closed, that’s just a way of coping

Yes spirit speaks through butterflies, in kindreds and in feathers 

So delicately synchronised, and so it is, forever 

Vibrations in the wild fly high, prophetic truth, you sent it

All-orange tipped, you amplified connection to the splendid!


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