Conscious Communication

Truthful communication is essential when it comes to creating intimacy in our lives. It can feel hard at times to articulate our feelings, needs and experiences, particularly if we do not deem them to be outwardly ‘attractive’ or shared by others. I find that anger is one of the hardest places to communicate from and yet we can speak from our hearts even when we’re really pissed off in a kind and honest way.

Kind Honesty

There is a way of being heard

that doesn’t call on angry words

A voice that clarifies and heals

Communicates the way you feel

There is a way to state your case

Don’t need to put them in their place

A means to share what you most need

that doesn’t quick reactions breed

There is a way to make your claim

A way with open heart to name

the feelings, though they’re quite a mixture

You are a part of the big picture

It doesn’t have to be that hard

Maintaining positive regard

No one your character can slur

when you let your kind heart be heard


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