Blast from the Past

In a session with my coach on Tuesday, my 18 year old self came up and seemed to want some attention from me! As a result of this discovery I committed to spending some time with her and spent that evening looking at her in photographs and asking her what she wanted and needed from me. The next day this all turned poetic needless to say!

Note from my 18 Year old Self 

I didn’t vanish into thin air 

when you cut my wild locks and squeezed me into that tight wooden box 

Did you not hear the desperate banging woman?

My carefree, fantastical, pink-blossom heart thumping at your dampened-down adult’s door

begging you for attention?

Now finally you give me some airspace, and I’m going to take it all!

What I want is:

To tumble down your shoulders in a beautifully dishevelled mane of magic 

To spend slow-mo days dreaming of my soul‘s desire whilst bathing in the forest‘s love

To hug close friends and trees and to quench my colossal thirst for touch and affection 

For us to play together and experiment in ways that you have long forgotten 

To feel like no matter what happens you will keep me safe and warm and well 

Your undivided love and attention 

I am your Freedom 

and your Abandonment 

and your Purity

I am an incorrigible Dreamer

I am fragile and fearless and quirky and quite unforgettable 

and I need you, you know

just as you need me

and my


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