A few years ago I was pondering on falling in love. As with all strong feelings, we humans often feel that we need to ‘do’ something about them, when actually they are simply there to be experienced. Which strong feelings are you currently experiencing?


There’s nothing you can DO about

being in love

You just ARE

And that’s it.

You can try all you like to shelve it

to push it away

to get over it…

but it just won’t work.

You can even try to hang your hopelessly loved-up little heart in the back of your winter wardrobe, deluding yourself that it will be disguised by all of your new fangled seasonal purchases

But you are a fool, let’s face it!

Nothing but a wide-eyed smitten kitten!

You, dear friend, have been struck by an enigmatic force far greater than anything your willpower alone can fight against.

Love cannot be denied

or disguised

or defied

Love bowls you over

and knocks you for six

and sends you head over heels

Love hurts

and heals

and hopes

and happens quite unexpectedly half the time

and that’s the whole frigging

point of it


all you can DO is to

Let it BE

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