Out of the Box!

This week, playful as ever, Migena Gjerazi and I take a look at how we can move away from social conditioning and allow the different parts of our feminine expression to show up with full permission.
This episode is all about noticing when we’re behaving as we ‘should’, getting out of the box, strengthening our truest version and liberating our untamed selves!

Tune in here:

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How do you relate to being a “The Good Girl”? What helps you to untame your wild, free, unique feminine expression?

Lucky Girl

I’m fortunate to have the choice

to follow what attracts me

I have a platform for my voice, my daily life impacts me

It feels so free, I can be me, my heart knows free expression

Not everything goes perfectly but I grow from each session

I’m fortunate to feel it all to sense each tiny movement

To have space to do what calls and follow self-improvement

So much each day we can rejoice thanks to the stars above

I’m fortunate to have the choice

to follow what I love

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