Lost and Found

I hadn’t written about the sensation of loss for quite some time as it does not dominate my experience. Yet I have experienced a lot of loss and sometimes the subtlest most unexpected of occurrences can literally touch the wound and open up the floodgates of emotion. Loss is a part of life and it is healthy and healing to express it when it comes up if that’s what is needed. We don’t have to wallow in it, just acknowledge that it’s present and in doing so, it usually begins to shift and we begin to find our joy again. In our own time. And in our own way.

Leaving Pains

Inside of me there lives a wound

inflicted by the left-too-soon

An aching pain that gasps and pines

Where loss is the main storyline

Most days although I know it’s there

It does not show up raw and bare

I live my days content and free

Unhindered by this part of me

Yet scarred I am, and scarred are we

With age; a near on certainty

that we have lived through heartbreak days

All part of life, the grieving phase

And now again my soul reacts

As if these moments had come back

For subtle turns can touch that wound

inflicted by the left-too-soon


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