Faithful Forest

I feel so fortunate to leave five minutes away from the forest. It is always my go-to place in between Zoom calls and online workshops and a place where I instantly unwind and gain perspective. Yesterday was a surprisingly chilly experience given that is mid-April it has to be said!

There is something so humbling about being amidst the trees. Where do you go to ground?

Forest Flavour

Fortune is found in the forest

Where the healing sun slides through the bark

It is here our true nature is purest

and our everyday cares we can park

Freedom is found in the wandering

past the wisdom of moss-crafted trees

When we give room for dreaming and pondering

then a sense of good will comes with ease

Most things can wait til the morning

There’s a need for us all to regroup

Life can change in a blink with no warning

Are you walking ahead or in loops?

May the pine-scented natural florist

lift your soul when the evenings are dark

For good fortune is found in the forest

It is there we can re-find our spark

2 thoughts on “Faithful Forest

  1. I was about to ask if this was a throwback post as it’s snowing. 😁
    I usually go up our third floor and look at the sunset. The sun looks lovely as it hides behind the mountains

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