Emotional Literacy

My inner leadership tribe, the iguanas, often refer to me as an emotional barometer! Indeed I have always been able to feel the emotions around me before they have been named and I know that a lot of my mission in this life is to name what I experience as it can be liberating for myself and those around me.

Heart Radar

My emotional literacy

Is somewhat of a gift to me

For I can set sensations free

Describing them quite easily

Some logic is their ABC

But that is Double Dutch to me

I spell out with some folk can’t see

I measure feelings by degree

Barometer of subtleties

Translating moods with fluency

Thanks to emotional literacy

6 thoughts on “Emotional Literacy

  1. It looks so cold where you are. I too am sensitive to unexpressed feelings. You are a blessing to many people, with your strong faith and the beautiful poetry you write. Have a truly wonderful week my friend. Love you, your sister in Christ. Joni

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