Sensitive Creature

I have always felt everything on steroids and my sensitivity only increases with age. It can be particularly challenging to be in crowded, noisy places as my body and sensors feel literally overloaded with information! These days of course, I am not usually in busy environments yet I’m still sensitive to so much around me as captured in the following poetic reflection.

Grateful Receiver

I have always been a sensitive creature

and this double-edged sword of a gift only increases with age

Indeed each millisecond of the day my porous vessel is inundated with a smorgasbord of energetic information

which I can only but try to translate.

I am not at mercy to filter the floods of feelings and frequencies that pervade my aura

for they choose me

and I have, it would seem.

been built for this purpose.

Yet my belligerent brain desperately seeks to create tangible stories from the continuous sea of sensations.

It is convinced that a rational context feels more relatable

when connecting my soul’s experience to the material world

It fails miserably of course, for my essence know more than the words of my mind ever will be able to convey and besides my body is a far more reliable barometer.

In this moment I am sat on a bench in the midday sunshine, ingesting the birdsong, my giddy shoulders caressed by the well-wishing wind. My feet are pulsating with peaceful vitality and I am present to an incredibly harmonious joyfulness which is bobbing through my being.

Yes I am and will always be an unusually sensitive creature

A full on feeler and a lifelong emotionalist

and even with all of the challenges

I feel beyond grateful

for this

sacred blessing

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