Being Brave


There is a tendency for us to focus on what we don’t want and what might happen. These days I try to view each new day as a chance to show up. I set a powerful intention for the day ahead and I ask myself, what do I want to create today? Of course I don’t always succeed and some days I fall into the over-thinking loop and yet even with the ups and downs, I can always return back to consciously choosing. And I choose brave. What do you choose today?


You may be cut, you may be grazed

You have to show up and be brave

and honour the pure life you breathe

embrace it all, heart on your sleeve

You may feel scared, your insides queasy

But who said that this would be easy?

Not here to coast, not here to hide

Flow with the rollercoaster ride

The harbour’s safe for ships that stay

But humans were not built that way

We’re meant to try and fail and learn

From downward dips come upward turns

Don’t wish away these precious days

Yes while the sun shines let’s make hay

It’s we who must our own selves save

We have to show up and be brave

7 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. Now I am approaching the end of my life, turning up with courage and a brave face is really all I can do. No point looking back or worrying about all those things I never got around to, for there is no time for catch-up. Hard to be brave and positive at the best of times, but now, it is essential…

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