Of course!

Yesterday I awoke feeling incredibly joyful. You could feel Spring in the air and I felt grateful and so alive and in the mood to celebrate! I welcomed this feeling with open arms and, during a session with my own coach, explored expanding even further into this blissful place. At the end of our session I remembered what an amazing role model my Dad was when it came to embodying pure joy and felt more grateful still for his inspiring example.

After the session had finished I strolled out into the sunshine and was more aware than ever of the choice we have to invite the energy we most want into our lives. I then got poetic and scribbled the following lines. Of course!

Being Joy

Do what makes you joyful

and be what makes you shine

This life must not be awful

It’s now – you’re in your prime!

Choose what makes you radiant

Your pleasure is magnetic

Enjoy each subtle gradient

Love smiles on those who let it

You have a right to savour

Ok to chase the thrill

Aliveness, we all crave her

With passion may you fill

Chase what makes you resonate

Pursue what brings you glee

In your most fragile, sickly state

You chose joy’s energy

The purity you incarnated

Lives anon through me

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