Matters of the Heart

Self-love is the theme of the month and one which is a continuous learning process. It is in the moments that we find it most difficult to love ourselves that we most need to. One of my main go-to places when I want to get back to my essence and feel unconditional belonging is out in nature. What helps you to tap into self-love?

Self-Love Matters

Self-love is walking in the hills,

the sentience of Springtime thrill

that peeps between the budding boughs

It’s time to open and allow

Self-love is being in my stride

Embracing light snd shadow sides

It’s honouring the place I’m in

From here connection can begin

Self-love is learning to let go

I do not always have to know

Sometimes the answer is to seize

the wisdom rustling through the trees

It’s trusting in, it’s having faith

A precious act of strength and grace

Enabling my heart’s unfolding

It’s tender, gentle, peaceful holding

It does not have a business plan

Accepts me just the way I am

I get to fuck up now and then

Each day hashtag #beginagain

Unlike my mind it holds me bigger

It smiles with kindness at my triggers

Although the ego can be proud

Self-love my humanness allows

We do not have to wait until

another comes who fits the bill

For we can call on it at will

Self-love can really cute most ills

Join our International Women’s Self-Love Festival on the 27th and 28th March. Sign up is here..

5 thoughts on “Matters of the Heart

  1. What a poem to end my work week.
    Your hashtag #beginagain reminded me of a song from Ingrid Michaelson titled, To Begin Again. It’s a lovely song…like this poem 🌷

    Liked by 1 person

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