Fire Dance

Fire has been a repeat theme in my life in recent months. I am a warm, passionate person and this part of me most definitely needs expression! During a workshop that I co-led last year, we asked the participants to create their own unique expression of their Creative Fire. My co-leader and I also took part in this activity and I was getting a strong sense that my fire was wanting me to seduce myself which translated into the following lines.

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Dancing with Fire

I want to slow dance in your arms

I want you to seduce me

To hold me in your warming calm

I want you to unloose me

It’s not about that someone else

The heat is there within you

I want you into me to melt

I want to feel your sinews

I feel the way your body aches

I feel the hollow missing

I want to make your body shake

To send your soul-space hissing

For you’re one snake that I can’t charm

Come let your flames infuse me

I want to slow dance in your arms

I want you to seduce me

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