Egg on your Face

When we look our struggles in the eye it can be a painful and messy process. Some people describe this as ‘cracking open’ and yet we do not really break. What actually happens most of the time is that we evolve into a stronger, wiser version of our former self. A hell of a lot of surrender is required and boy does the sun start to shine through the cracks when you let it happen. Whilst musing on the topic of trauma all sorts of egg language sneaked in to the following lines!


It is the moments that fuck us over that are the very making of us

in the end

It is indeed the most dreaded cracked-egg states of soul spilling that work their gooey magic

evolving us into increasingly aware incarnations

Forgive yourself a dozen times over!

For it is only ever the ego’s shell that really breaks.

Pain is a loyal friend in disguise,

expanding our hearts into fluffier omelettes

whisking us off our complacent little feet into unscheduled epiphanies.

Without the cracking open, how on earth could we possibly know the

Sunny Side Up?



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