So much that’s Good

Even amongst the chaos, there is so much that’s Good right here right now. And yet we often seek happiness outside of ourselves. We try to buy it and consume it and have more of it when all we really need is to simply see it for what it is. One evening whilst feeling really thankful for all the blessings in my life I began writing this note-to-self poem. Life is so precious and fleeting and I want to savour the Good whenever I can!

The Good

Take time to notice all the Good before your very eyes

You’ll find it staring back at you, it is not in disguise

With each new week, what we most seek is stood right there before us

Distractions make awareness weak, let not minutiae bore us

It’s in the people right beside us always staying true

It’s in the selfless actions of our loving chosen few

Not gestures grand, ambitious plans or outward seeking gestures

It’s those that take us by the hand it’s nature’s sounds and textures

Each time I wander in the woods I start to realise

The Good that we’re all searching for is right before our eyes

8 thoughts on “So much that’s Good

      1. You are very graciously welcome. I hope that you have a great day. I hope that your day is free of distractions. I hope that your sunshine is free of clouds. I hope that your free are free of shoes… and socks. Just have fun today.

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