Creative Prescriptions

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of leading an “Inviting Writing” online blog creation workshop and I loved every minute of it! The participants were so warm, open and enthusiastic and I was blown away by their creations and the commitments that they decided to make to their writing at the end of the session. They also asked me what my personal commitment was and I promised that I would share a post about creativity being a great remedy to anxiety.

As I walked in the hills and processed this beautiful experience I felt exceptionally grateful for the healing power that comes through honouring my intention to write on a daily basis. I really feel that Doctors should prescribe a daily dose of creativity to anyone living with mental health challenges for the treatment is life changing!

How do you honour your creativity?

Creative Healing

Anxiety’s an energy from which we can create

We do not have to be a prisoner of our mental states

At times it feels our force it steals yet what if we befriend it?

Expressing all the shades we feel instead of trying to mend it?

Anxiety is just one voice, we are at choice whatever

When channelled it can be a hoist, our mess brings us together

Let’s paint and write and sing and dance and keep the juices flowing

Not victims to our circumstance, embrace the chance for growing

For when we meet adversity with love and not stalemate

Anxiety’s an energy from which we can create

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